April Fools Day Nor’easter

April Fools!

Just when the piles and drifts of winter snow were almost melted, and the daffodils were tentatively poking through the ground, we got an early spring pounding! This year’s winter has been long and harsh; last year, it was warm and short. Never a dull or predictable moment here on the Maine coast. We’re pretty sure, however, that the snow will be gone in time for our season opening on May 20….

Another Maine Nor’easter

Down the cove

We’ve been confined to quarters all day, as the most recent January Nor’easter has moved up the coast to Maine. We got about a foot of snow and gale-force winds; a great day to say inside and deal with unfinished business (like starting that book you received for the holidays, or baking some bread).

Winter day at Coveside

Major Nor’easter hits Georgetown

Rocks at Half-mile Beach

Mid-coast Maine was hit in late February with a serious winter storm, one of the worst in recent memory. Wind gusts along the coast were clocked at over 60 miles per hour, many trees were downed (including several pines in the woods around Coveside) and power was out in parts of Georgetown for as long as four days. We blessed the fact that we had a generator! During the storm, the wind howled and rain (6 inches in 24 hours) flew horizontally at the house. We have a new appreciation for those enduring hurricanes.

The waves at Reid State Park, even a couple of days later, were spectacular. Fortunately, unlike the situation at Popham State Park, the beach — while full of debris — was left intact.

Surf on Mile Beach