New Lobster Shack in Georgetown

Big Sam’s Lobster Shack on Gotts Cove

For most of the 13 years we have welcomed guests to Coveside B&B, there has been a lobster wharf across Gott’s Cove from us, serving up seafood, burgers, fried food, and great views. First was Lisa’s, run by a newly minted high school graduate who originated the shack on her father’s wharf and was recognized four year’s later as one of the “10 best” lobster wharfs in Maine by Travel & Leisure magazine. But Lisa graduated from college, got married and moved away. Then came Dena, Mama D, and Sara, all of whom lasted only a year or two.  After a year without a lobster shack on the cove, we have a great new addition to the Georgetown scene — Big Sam’s.

The prices are very reasonable.  This weekend lobster rolls (“the second best lobster rolls in Maine”) were going for $9.99 — several dollars less than the competition. The prices for boiled lobster are almost cheap! (click on the picture for an enlargement):

Sam’s menu

Here’s the manager — not Sam (Lisa’s father, who owns the wharf), but Justin (Sam’s cousin):