Early spring in Mid-coast Maine

Two signs of the approach of Spring:  First, though there is still a lot of snow on the lawn down to the cove, you can actually see the ground here and there.  And I just detected the first stirrings of daffodils on the hill above our front door (they won’t bloom, however, for another six weeks). Here’s a late afternoon pic I shot yesterday:

(very) early spring at Coveside

The other sign of spring is the annual reopening of the iconic “Fat Boy” drive-in on the old Bath-Brunswick road.  Great greasy burgers, frappes, fries, and car hops [are you old enough to remember car hops?] to deliver them to your car!  Here’s a link to a story on the event in the Bangor Daily News.  And here are some pics of Fat Boy in the summer that I found on the web, along with the following comment: “Going to Brunswick, Maine, set me back in time where drive ins still exist and manners never went out of fashion. I can only make reference b/c I used to watch Happy Days growing up as a kid. If you like burgers, fries, and nice sweet young girls serving you in your car – it’s never to late to go to Fatboy and enjoy your Happy Days.” Can summer be far away?


Summer at the Fat Boy

Busy car hops prepping trays for delivery