An Environmentally Friendly Bed and Breakfast in Maine

We try hard to be a green bed and breakfast. We are proud that Coveside has been designated by the State of Maine as an “Environmental  Leader” among Maine lodging establishments. And has determined that Coveside is a “Green Leader” in a national environmental evaluation. Consistent with our values and those of many of our guests, we do our best to reduce our energy use and to be kind to the environment in general and, in particular, to the fragile ecology and agricultural economy of coastal Maine. Over the years, we have taken a number of steps to make Coveside more friendly to the environment.

We work hard to conserve energy and water: we have switched most lighting to low-energy alternatives; our buildings utilize energy-efficient materials throughout; all our appliances and plumbing fixtures are low energy/low water consumption; we ask our guests to reuse sheets and towels to reduce use of energy, water, and detergent. We recycle all paper, plastic, metal, and glass, and all our vegetable and garden waste is composted for subsequent use in our gardens. We endeavor to use environmentally friendly products (tissues, toilet paper, guest room amenities, and cleaning and laundry products) throughout the inn, and to avoid pesticides.

Finally, to the extent possible, the food we serve comes from local farmers and producers, many of whom are certified organic. We purchase almost all of our fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products at local farm markets. Our breakfast meats come from an environmentally savvy farm family who raise their own beef and operate a butcher shop and smoke house. The crab and lobster in breakfast dishes are wild caught by local Georgetown fishermen. We make our own sausage patties, jams and fruit syrups, and many of our own breads — using only natural ingredients. Our maple syrup is from a Maine sugar house; our coffee, roasted in Portland, is organic and fair trade.