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Goodbye, Irene

Post-hurricane breakfast at Coveside

Hurricane Irene was hyped as a “killer storm” for the Northeast, but — fortunately for us — it was pretty much of a non-event on the Maine coast. Here at Coveside, we took the boats out of the water, moved pots and outdoor furniture inside, and spent a half-day battening down the hatches. But the storm turned out to be quite mild, less intense than many of our winter Nor’easters.  An inch or so of rain fell Saturday night, with a couple of nasty wind gusts, and then strong but not damaging winds most of Sunday.  We lost power for about 7 hours. For the hearty souls who decided to ride out the storm at Coveside, we served “hurricane hamburgers” on Sunday night and by the time folks were ready for bed, the power was back on and the generator off.  We managed to get the terrace tables and chairs set up in time for a breakfast of plum crumble coffeecake and western omelets.  See above. The weather is spectacular and supposed to remain so all week.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Irene

  1. Jessica Adams on said:

    So glad to hear Irene left you guys with no troubles!! Would have loved to have been there for those burgers though!!!

  2. Donna Parsley on said:

    We were at Coveside for “Irene” and were well taken care of!!!! What a wonderful place to spend time in any type of weather. I was grateful for a rain day so that I could rest, relax and read!!! Don’t ever let the weather keep you from Coveside!!!! I certainly never will!

  3. Tom on said:

    Thanks, Donna! We, too, had a pleasant time, despite Irene. Hope to see you and Keith again, soon.

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