Corsica: A Spring Adventure on France’s “Ile de Beauté”


After spending eight weeks in the village of Villefranche-sur-Mer, next to Nice on the French Riviera, we took the ferry to Corsica, the extraordinarily beautiful island that the French call “L’Ile de Beauté.”  Here are a few snapshots from our week-long adventure, which involved several hikes, driving on hair-raising roads through the mountains or along the sides of cliffs dropping into the sea, and much good food and wine. This is an area where few Americans venture, but if you like fabulous hiking, beautiful beaches and mountain scenery, and few crowds (except in July and August) we highly recommend it. We made the trip in early April, and not all the hotels and restaurants were open; but the lack of crowds in the villages and on the winding roads made up for any inconvenience.

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