Bird Watching & Wildlife

Georgetown Island is heavily forested, largely undeveloped, and the surrounding waters are pristine. It is home to a variety of wildlife: moose, deer, coyotes, foxes, fisher cats, beaver, aquatic mammals, and — of course — a great variety of both resident and migratory birds. While moose are not as common here as in Maine’s north woods, they are occasionally seen along the highway or in the marshes near Reid State Park; we have even seen a cow and calf strolling across our lawn at Coveside. Deer are plentiful (often too plentiful for our gardens!) and the smaller mammals can sometimes be seen during forest strolls in Georgetown’s many preserves. Paddlers often sight harbor seals swimming or sunning themselves on the ledges in the Sheepscot. We have seen dolphin in the bay on several paddles.

Bird enthusiasts will find much of interest in our neighborhood. Osprey families nest on the marker buoys and tall snags along the coastline; a bald eagle has taken up residence on one of the Five Islands, just around the corner from us. Shore birds are plentiful at Reid State Park, including the endangered least tern and piping plover. A popular boat trip from New Harbor on the Pemaquid peninsula takes bird watchers to Eastern Egg Rock, site of an Audubon Society effort to repopulate the rocky island with puffins. Many bird species can be seen from the terrace here at Coveside, however, including great blue heron, pileated woodpeckers, numerous species of warblers, Baltimore orioles, and hummingbirds.